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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Earn a Certificate in Social Media Analysis from Boston University w/ Gratis Access to Crimson Hexagon

Earn a Certificate in Social Media Analysis from Boston University w/ Gratis Access to Crimson Hexagon

Boston University, Boston, MA, USA

Making Social Media Matter is a hands-on, 3-day workshop designed to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to quickly analyze and visualize data from popular social media platforms such as Twitter.

The tools demonstrated in this workshop for network analysis, machine learning, and geolocation are at the forefront of social media research and will equip attendees — even those with no computational training — with expert understanding of how to collect, analyze, visualize, and interpret social media data for internal and public use.

In addition to covering the theoretical bases of working with and modeling big data, the training in this workshop will include access to and use of leading data platforms, namely Crimson Hexagon, the Boston University Twitter Collection and Analysis Toolkit (BU-TCAT) and Gephi.
Media professionals, research analysts, scientists, college students, and anyone wanting to make sense of social media will benefit from attending this workshop. All participants that successfully complete this workshop will:

  • Earn a Certificate in Social Media Analysis: Principles and Practices for Big Data from Boston University.
  • Have free access for 3 weeks to the industry-leading ForSight data analysis platform from Crimson Hexagon.
  • Receive training in exclusive data analysis tools including the BU-TCAT that can collect and analyze millions of units of social media content.
  • Go beyond dashboards and dive deep into data to take their analytic skills to another level of conceptual and practical understanding.