Society for the Social Study of Mobile Communications

The Society for the Social Study of Mobile Communication (SSSMC) is intended to facilitate the international advancement of cross-disciplinary mobile communication studies. It is intended to serve as a resource and to support a network of scholarly research as to the social consequences of mobile communication.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mobile Research for Building a Better World (International Communication Association Preconference 2014)

May 21 – 22, 2014
Seattle, WA

Mobile communication focuses on the intersection of mobility, place, technology, and culture, against a backdrop of rapid international economic and social change. The past decade of research on mobile communication has expanded on topics such as the reordering of social relationships, the global diffusion of mobile media, and the societal and psychological effects of mobile usage. This uniquely situates mobile communication for an interdisciplinary pre-conference to address positive and negative impacts of mobile-mediated communication in society. In the 11th ICA Mobile Pre-conference Workshop, in the lush Pacific Northwest, we want to reflect upon the positive and negative aspects brought to our lives by this rapid spread of mobile communication, through the theme of “Mobile Research for Building a Better World.” Complementing the main conference theme, we expect participants to promote various definitions of “the good life” – such as capital enhancement, personal freedoms, social justice, more productive interactions, and stronger social ties – or factors that impede it. We anticipate a broad range of topics in mobile communication and welcome abstracts based on empirical and theoretical work entwined with mobile communication as it relates to:
  • International contexts
  • International development
  • Health
  • Social media
  • Cultural differences
  • Gender
  • Local culture and heritage
  • Learning and education
  • Journalism
  • Activism and social movements
  • Politics
  • Civic engagement
  • Usability issues
  • Methodologies