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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

After the Mobile Phone

After the Mobile Phone?: Social Changes and the Development of Mobile Communication

Maren Hartmann, Patrick Rössler, and Joachim R. Höflich (Eds.)

Book Description
After the Mobile Phone? Social Changes and the Development of Mobile Communication is a book that looks beyond. It looks beyond in terms of the coming developments concerning mobile technologies, of changes in the mobile media markets, of new aspects of mobile media uses. Moreover, it expands existing theoretical frameworks, since it uses diverse approaches from social sciences, from media studies, from technology studies, etc. After the Mobile Phone? also goes beyond the usual work on mobile media as it looks at wider societal appropriation processes. It is an up-to-date survey of how mobile media are used, produced and imagined. The authors in this book represent a range of well-known scholars in the field. They come from diverse backgrounds and represent a number of different countries.

The Editors
Maren Hartmann is Assistant Professor of Communication Sociology at the University of the Arts (UdK) Berlin.
Patrick Rössler is Professor of Communication Science/Empirical Media Research at the University of Erfurt.
Joachim R. Höflich is Professor of Communication Science/Media Integration at the University of Erfurt.


Hartmann, M. Rössler, P., & Höflich, J. R. (Eds.) (2008). After the mobile phone?: Social changes and the development of mobile communication. Berlin, Germany: Frank & Timme.