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The Society for the Social Study of Mobile Communication (SSSMC) is intended to facilitate the international advancement of cross-disciplinary mobile communication studies. It is intended to serve as a resource and to support a network of scholarly research as to the social consequences of mobile communication.

Monday, June 7, 2004

Mobile Technologies and Health: Risks and Benefits

Udine, Italy
7-8 Jun 2004
Organized by the University of Udine's Department of Economy, Society and Territory and Department of Mathematics and Information Technology

An interdisciplinary workshop which discussed the state of the art of research in the field of mobile technologies and health.

This workshop was an opportunity for researchers interested in the field of mobile communication & health to exchange findings and ideas with other scholars. Its aim was to begin drawing a general picture of available information and an overview of research being conducted in various countries. At the same time, the workshop discussions also sought to identify issues that were ripe for further exploration or that seemed to act as barriers to further positive development of mobile communication technology for health advancement and emergency medical services.

Researchers, scholars, students, private and public sector managers and policy-makers interested in the area attended the conference.